Bonayo is pioneering how data can shape smarter cities, businesses, and citizens. Using 311 data, Bonayo presents real time data solutions to understand and capture city dynamics to benefit companies and policymakers. Bonayo currently allows users to examine 311 data in San Francisco to track issues and make better decisions.

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Bonayo has a simple and clean web interface that shows you the location of every bicycle or scooter related 311 service call in your area. To see an example, visit https://bonayo.com and log in for a free evaluation account in our San Francisco region. With the free account, you can search back in time to see historical trends. You can also click on any marker for additional details about that particular service call. Registered users have additional features available to them, including live updates.


Bonayo is absolutely free for non-commercial use. For other uses, it is offered on a monthly subscription model.

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Our customer base currently includes dockless scooter share companies, dockless bike share companies, community benefit districts, and other civic organizations. Keep watching this space for additional details as we ramp up our next version of Bonayo.


Our project sponsor is the Lower Polk Community Benefit District, a 501(c)3 not-for profit corporation located in San Francisco. Please see our Dockless Scooter Share Policy Page for our policy suggestions regarding dockless sharing. Please also keep watching this space for additional policy suggestions on the topic.

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To contact us, please send an email to [email protected].